Performing Arts
Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Singing, Drama
Located:  3/63 Barry Avenue, Mortdale, NSW
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Age Groups:



Pre Schoolers:   

2 - 5 years


Kindergarten - year 1 &2


Year 3 &4

Pre Teens:

Year 5 & 6


Year 7 & up


Placement Guidelines

The above class levels are a guide only. The first two weeks of new students’ enrolment are considered placement classes, after which if a different level would be better suited to the student’s abilities, adjustments to class level may be made notwithstanding their age or year at school. On Stage Studios will make decisions as to whether the student is in the appropriate class and will inform students and parents if a change is appropriate. Most students are placed in a class according to their age followed by ability and experience (see age guidelines above). Students are placed with only the best intentions in mind and with the aim that the student is challenged not frustrated.  A student will be most happy in a class where he/she is not frustrated or bored.


Student Assistance

Advanced students may be asked to help with the lower level classes.  Assistants will not be teaching the classes, but will be following the teacher’s instructions, thereby helping with the dance education of the assistants as well as enabling the younger students to receive more attention.