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R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) syllabus is offered to all ages in various levels and is recognised as the  foundation of dance. This class will focus on the classical elements of ballet, teaching students proper technique and body alignment. Classes demand high focus from the student and are very valuable to their progression as a dancer. Sound ballet technique is essential for strength, power, and execution of each dancer. (exams are offered for this class)


Modern dance is both expressive and contemporary, ranging in movements that can be lyrical and soft, to abstract and angular. It can also be described as slow and expressive jazz movements with feel and emphasis on technique adagio/floor/centre.


Offered to ages 2 & up in various levels. All classes focus on both classic and current styles of jazz, while keeping emphasis on technique. Creative routines are taught and dancers learn how to interpret their movement with control and fluidity. Classes integrate the fundamentals of ballet for proper technique, while using exciting music and fresh moves. We highly recommend students continue ballet training while taking jazz.

We have two streams for this discipline:

Basic Jazz Class: This class is specially designed for those who want to dance as a recreational sport. Flexibility, strength and coordination are all benefits you gain from jazz, but most of all, jazz is simply great fun, dancing to all your favourite songs you hear on the radio today!

Performance Class Jazz: This class is for advanced Students only. A class dedicated purely on technique. The class is designed to move at a much faster pace working at a high level for more serious students. This year we will be taking flexibility, spins, leaps, kicks and tricks to the next level.



This, the most rhythmic of the dance forms, is an excellent way to increase coordination of the mind and body and to develop a sense of rhythm, timing and expression. Dancers learn to coordinate rhythm, agility, and musicality to execute clear tap sounds and movement.

Hip hop

A stylised combination of street funk, hip hop and pop similar to styles seen in music video clips. Dancers are encouraged to push themselves to explore new movements and to understand the elements of choreography, music, and performance.

Stretch’n Strength

This class is designed to tone & firm your body, improve posture, increase flexibility, reduce injuries and improve overall health. Being more aware of the body’s core and learning how to activate it will not only improve posture, it will enhance dance technique by making turns easier, improve jumps and leaps as well as reducing stress on the limbs when landing.

Stretch'n & Strength classes are designed to increase flexibility, muscle control and endurance. Progress at your own pace and all fitness levels welcome. Please note that these classes do not perform at the end of year concert.


On Stage Studios offers drama for those who just want to act! Classes provide students with concentrated work in basic acting techniques, improvisation, character development, scene work, monologue study, stage direction and script analysis. Students will learn various methods including the Stanislavski and Laban method of acting which is considered as the fundamental building blocks of expression in the dramatic arts. Drama classes help students increase their ability to communicate verbally and physically, to think imaginatively, to concentrate, to feel and understand emotions, to co-operate in groups and to seek solutions. Ultimately, this class develops self confidence and enables the students to express themselves freely.

Singing (Group)

Group singing can be used as an introduction to improving your tone and confidence. The ability to sing with others can be a very joyous and a fun time. Carly O’Rourke personally takes this class with the emphasis on musical theatre and contemporary songs.

Singing (Private)

Private Lessons are one-on-one tuition with Carly O’Rourke and are considered the best way to accelerate your learning because Carly will be able to concentrate on your individual vocal style and choose specific songs that suit your voice. These lessons are used to achieve a higher level of technique, correct breathing, understanding of emotions within lyrics, stage presence, microphone technique and confidence in front of an audience.



We offer the discipline of Acrobatics, with a professional acrobatics/gym teacher. Acrobatics has students learning both basic and intermediate acrobatic movements such as forward and backwards rolls, handstands, cartwheels and beranis.

Acrobatic training teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, and above all, discipline and concentration. The high degree of discipline and concentration required for acrobatics carries over to many aspects of a student’s life, including academics and other athletic performance. In an acrobatic dance, you can add dance elements from ballet, jazz, modern, or even tap to make your dance an expression of your personality. There are no rules limiting the movements you may perform, the length of your dance, or the type of music you must use.

Performance Private Lessons (Dancing)

Private lessons for dance and/or choreography are limited to students whose goals are oriented toward competition, auditions, or performance groups.


Tiny Tots dance classes -Tuesdays at 10am

Classes are designed to stimulate the students imagination, increase their confidence with movement to music and most importantly, ensure they have lots of fun! This class is $65:00 per term